Say hello to the leadership team at Poyen Assembly

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Poyen Assembly. Got questions for the lead team at Poyen? Contact us by clicking here.

Jason Keisler - Lead Pastor

Jason Keisler has been in ministry for over 20 years,

serving as Lead Pastor at Poyen since 2018.

He is married to his wife of 25 years, Jill.

They have two sons, Jaden(21) and Javen(12).

Jason loves hunting, football, and to be apart of people's lifes.

"Serving him and serving others." - Pastor Jason

Dylan Moody - Youth Pastor

Dylan Moody joined the Poyen Assembly leadership team in 2017 as the pastor of student ministry.

Dylan and his wife, Andrea has two daughters, Adelaide and Anise.

"My heart is for your heart to know who God is and who he says you are." - Pastor Dylan

Candy Stewart - Kid's Pastor

Candace & David Stewart joined the Poyen Assembly leadership team in 2022 as the Kid's Pastor. They have two sons that love to help out, Skyler and Landon.

Andrea Moody - Worship Pastor

Andrea Moody is the Worship Pastor. She always allows the Holy Spirit to have His way in Worship service.

Vickie Goodman - Administrator

Vickie Goodman has been the office Administrator since 2017. " I have been married to my husband, Jon, for 25 years and we have four wonderful children. Family is everything to me whether personal family or church family."

Mark Ohms - Staff Pastor

Lauren Chandler - Toddler Director

Jill Keisler - Nursery Director

Wanda Branum - Missions Director